nicko cruises Schiffsreisen GmbH is one of the most dynamic river cruise providers in Germany. In recent years, the company has evolved from a leading river cruise provider with 30 years of experience into a well-known provider of small ships with destination-oriented ocean routes. With its fleet, which is as modern as it is comfortable, the company is active in more than twenty countries and 31 waters. Besides the world's oceans, it also travels all domestic waterways and coastal sections that are in demand for tourists. In the 2022 season, the portfolio of nicko cruises includes 25 river ships, the expedition ship WORLD VOYAGER and the classic ocean liner VASCO DA GAMA.  

With its "time to discover" philosophy, nicko cruises focuses on discovery-rich cruise schedules and intensive travel experiences in all three product fields: River, Ocean and Expedition. The product features of so-called "slow cruising," such as small ships and long layovers, are combined with emotional moments. During the cruises, guests always have plenty of time to explore. Thanks to the large variety of products, everyone at nicko cruises will find the right trip, individually tailored to their needs. The ships in the fleet all meet a 4- to 5-star standard in the country hotel industry according to German standards. Attractive shore excursions and the varied culinary offer on board complete the travel experience. Nicko cruises Schiffsreisen GmbH is based in Stuttgart and employs almost 110 highly motivated people.

The Fleet
The nicko cruises fleet with its 25 ships is as varied as our itinerary. The size of the ship depends on the nautical characteristics of the bodies of water, with their sluices, bridges and coastal sections. From exclusive yachts with 40 beds to fashionable river cruisers with 220 beds, we have the right ship for every guest and every destination.

The atmosphere on board varies from classic maritime to modern and elegant and the typical local elements make each of our ships really rather special. Ships with the added description boutique are smaller ships in the style of a Grand Hotel with a tasteful interior, selected materials and customised decor.

In principle, all nicko cruises ships meet a high standard comparable to a 4 to 5-star hotel almost anywhere ashore. However, there are slight differences depending on the ship, cruising area and technical requirements. For better orientation, we have classified our river cruise ships using our own nicko classification, which ranges from three nicko-waves to five nicko-waves.

Discovering the world – comfortably.
We provide you with a wide selection of travel destinations for river and coastal cruises, the most comfortable voyages of discovery! Every day, there’s a new horizon and your floating hotel always travels with you – without any unnecessary packing of suitcases. For our exotic cruises, our price often includes a land arrangement.

Contemporary and classic river cruisers.
Throughout the world, we use modern river cruise ships, whose standard is comparable with the 4 and 5-star hotels ashore – and at especially attractive prices! On all nicko cruises ships, you stay in cosy outside cabins, so you can always have a view of the river cinema. A total of 25 ships navigate the most beautiful rivers in the world just for you. No matter where you are travelling, English is always spoken on our ships. On almost all our ships, we serve you in style at lunchtimes and evenings with multi-course menus at the table, sometimes varied with themed buffets to match the cruise route.

Unforgettable experiences.
Alongside the river and countryside experience from the sun deck, here at nicko cruises we focus on excursions. Our pre-bookable excursion packages give you the most important excursions for each trip at a good value package price. By adding on optional excursions or by exploring yourself, you can design your very own travel experience. This simultaneously turns your cruise into a nature, culture and city holiday – tailored especially for you.

In good hands. Expert advice
Experienced cruise directors are there to support you on our voyages. They are looking forward to seeing you! With interesting route announcements to ensure you don’t miss any scenic highlight, you’ll find out everything you need to know along your cruise route. Of course, our cruise directors will also be happy to give you tips for your own shore leave and advise you on excursion options.

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